Former actress and television host Sahiba Afzal, daughter of yesteryears’ superstar Nisho, has recently shared surprising details about her life.

The star admitted that she has never seen or met her biological father.

During an episode of Meri Maa, hosted by veteran actor Sajid Hasan, Sahiba said that although she never had the chance to meet her real father, she had a wonderful relationship with her step-father until he passed away.
The ‘Kanpain Tang Rahi Hain’ actor said, “I’ve never seen or met my real father. My mother had split up with him before I was born. My step-father, who I don’t even like to call ‘step,’ because he means more to me than my biological father, gave me a lot of love and affection.”


She added that it’s been five years since her beloved step-father passed away, and until his very last moment, she had a strong connection with him. “He was like a friend to me, someone I confided in with all my secrets, even ones I didn’t share with my mother. Because of him, I never felt the absence of a father in my life.”

“His name was Jamal Pasha, and he used to be a pilot. He also worked for TV channels,” Sahiba explained.

The setback of not knowing her biological father has not stopped Sahiba from enjoying success. Not only did she become an A-list star in films but also went on to have a happy marriage with Jan Rambo, and raising two sons.