The ongoing dispute between Sahir Ali Bagga and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan has escalated to new heights. Bagga has now taken to Facebook to express his grievances, asking for proper credit as the composer of the popular song ‘Zaruri Tha’.

Despite his apology in the end, Bagga remains firm in his stance, urging Khan to acknowledge his contribution to the project. As tensions continue, the ongoing conflict between these two musical giants keeps grabbing attention in the headlines.
A few days ago, Bagga made headlines after calling out Rahat Fateh Ali Khan blatantly.


The singer recently explained why he wrote against Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. He stated that as a committed composer, he seeks proper credit for the composition of the hit song ‘Zaruri Tha’, which has achieved significant success on YouTube.

“The desire of a star maker is not just money. I am also a composer whom I am very proud of that my ALLAH has given me the ability to work hard for the talent of my country, and there is no doubt that Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is the best talent of Pakistan. I have always tried to make the talent of our Pakistan recognized all over the world, and in helping this initiative, Yousaf Salahudin Sahab helped me in the form of Virsa Heritage, and many stars were also made. I created a song, titled (ZAROORI THAA), this is the song that I myself did not know that I would create this song and it would become a historical song of the Pakistan music industry, today, this song is at the top in terms of Pakistani music industry, and content, it’s very close to 2 billion views on YouTube in one play, and if my right is only to be given as a creator, which only the hero of this project Rahat Fateh Ali Khan can give; and for some reason he is not giving it, he should explain why he is not giving me the credit for this achievement. And if I have called someone a hypocrite, then I have called every person a hypocrite who wants to hide the truth and is trying to kill someone’s right, ALLAH has blessed Rahat Fateh Ali Khan with good abilities, he should give me my right as a humanity. I have many other pieces of evidence with me and on YouTube where Rahat Fateh Ali Khan did not give me credit, I still request that I be given credit because I do not want the juniors who idealize me to face problems in their struggle, and I should be given my right. Apart from this, I have no intention of saying anything bad about anyone. Thank you”