Actor Sana Fakhar has officially announced her divorce from her husband Fakhar jaffri after fourteen years of marriage.

Taking it to her Instagram account, she officially announced the news. Sana wrote: “Breakups hurt. But sometimes breaking a relationship is so mandatory to save yourself to break so much. With all the respect me and Fakhar after several years of marriage through highs and lows decided to take a separate path.”

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“It’s heartbreaking but… I strongly believe that God has better plans for both of us. All the best Fakhar Jaffri, concluded Sana.”


The duo got married in 2008 and have been together for 14 years. The couple was known to be the most stable couples from the film fraternity. Sana and Fakhar are parents to two sons.

Last year Sana responded to criticism and backlash she received for sharing a PDA-filled picture with her former husband on his birthday.

The post in which Sana had wished her husband on his birthday and thanked him “for reminding [her] how butterflies feel like,” had irked the moral brigade who heavily criticised the veteran actor, forcing her to limit the comments section on her post.

Later, responding to the backlash and hate, Fakhar in an Instagram live video said: “I can understand your pain and agony.”

“But what is it that you didn’t appreciate?” she continued. “The ‘act’? Or the person I did the said act with? It was too much. But thank you, though. I think criticism is your right. Whatever you wanted to say, you did. But it’s fine.”

She went on to say that she doesn’t really mind what people thought about the picture.

“What you say, the kind of words you use, really says a lot about the way you have been brought up. I was called names, abused over a picture. But I received love more than hate.”

“I do believe that even criticism is a form of love. It’s just a part of life,” Fakhar added.

The Lollywood heroine went on to say: “Haters don’t exist in my life. I only have love around me. I even have respect for people who discuss anything about me. Whatever you share, please do. I don’t mind. You have that access into my life and I am the one who gave you the said access. We aren’t angels. It’s not the end of the world if you abused me.”

Sana concluded her live video saying that instead of paying heed to the hate, she has decided to love the people who admire her to be the best version of herself.