Indian comedian Sanjay Rajoura was a guest on Geo’s ‘Hasna Mana Hai’ where he answered a question from an audience member about who, in his opinion, could lead a Pakistani popular satirical group similar to ‘Aisi Taisi Democracy’ in India.

Rajoura’s group ‘Aisi Taisa Democracy’ includes Varun Grover and musician Rahul Ram, and is known for its hilarious satirical commentary on Indian society and politics.

The satirist responded by remarking that Tabish Hashmi could lead such a popular group. Then he named singer and satirist Ali Aftab Saeed, whose widely popular song ‘Aloo Anday’ is still remembered as a forceful takedown of the powerful.


“That song is so powerful, so satirical and musical that you could listen to it in the car,” Sanjay remarked.

The other person Sanjay mentioned was Faris Shafi, pointing out that the rapper’s lyrics are quite impressive.

The clip circulated widely on social media, and even got an acknowledgment from Ali himself.