Twitter has responded to the sealing of Monal restaurant in Islamabad with the trend #SaveMonal after the Islamabad High Court directed the police to seal the premises.

Monal is an icon of Islamabad for tourists and the sight seeing. However, the court ruled that the restaurant was made on illegal land and needed to be sealed. The court also ordered capital authorities take control of the Margalla Greens Golf Club, which is also built on encroached land, declaring the military’s claim to 8,000 acres of Margalla Hills National Park to be illegal.

While the authorities fulfilled the court orders, netizens flock to Twitter and #SaveMonal started trending on the same day.


According to reports, the restaurant provides employment to 700 families. Fearing unemployment, the Monal staff started protesting on the streets.

People on social media are expressing their sorrow over the news and many have started to reminisce their wonderful time spent at the location.  

Others pointed out the economic downsides of sealing Monal restaurant.