The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on Monday announced that banks will provide fit, authenticated and disinfected cash during the coronavirus pandemic.

While there is no conclusive scientific study that links the spread of the current strain of coronavirus to contaminated currency notes, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has advised taking measures to maintain proper hygiene post-handling of notes.

SBP tweeted a series of tweets:


“Banks will provide fit, authenticated and disinfected cash. SBP will ensure to clean, disinfect, seal and quarantine all cash being collected from hospitals and clinics and to block circulation of such cash in the market.

”Banks will ensure continuous availability of ATMs 24/7. Also call centers and helplines will be operative 24/7.

”Large scale closure of branches may cause rush and congestion in the operative branches, which may be counterproductive to efforts to contain the spread of the disease. Banks may close branches where the staff is infected and for which requisite human resource is not available.”