Climate Change Minister Sherry Rehman is not one to hold back when it comes to calling out audacious ideas. Earlier this week, Capital Development Authority (CDA) Chairman Noor Ul Amin Mengal tweeted a suggestion for alleviating traffic congestion on the road to Daman e Koh and Peer Sohawa on Margalla Hills. He pondered planning a road from Peer Sohawa to Barri Imam and 3rd Avenue to make it a loop to facilitate traffic movement.

Rehman clapped back today, reminding the Chairman of his domain of authority:

Correcting the Chairman, Rehman stated that planning infrastructure through a Wildlife Board-protected green area is not under the CDA’s domain of authority. She reiterated that the plan is against Pakistan’s existing wildlife laws and goes against the country’s international commitments to preventing climate change. 


Other Twitter users also chimed in with their opinions:

Many users supported Rehman’s sharp response:

Pakistan’s climate promise

As part of UNDP’s Climate Promise, Pakistan intends to set a cumulative ambitious conditional target of an overall 50% reduction of its projected emissions by 2030, with a 15% reduction from the country’s own resources and a 35% reduction subjected to the provision of international grant finance.

Cutting down trees in order to build concrete infrastructure stands decidedly against Pakistan’s Nationally Determined Contribution to the Climate Promise.