Veteran actress Shagufta Ejaz wants more women- especially those who aren’t young- to break down the misconceptions and stigma surrounding cosmetic surgery.

The actress recently uploaded a vlog where she opened up about getting Botox surgery and provided a breakdown of what the procedure entails. The actor said her intention was to reduce the wrinkles on her forehead and eyes, adding that this was the fourth time she was getting Botox.

“So, I didn’t want a frozen expression. I wanted to frown and lift my eyebrows and go sad and all. So, this is why I told [the doctor] that I wanted a 40% erase, and 60% expressions.”


The actress showed her fans how the procedure progressed, showcasing the bruises around her eyes and the wrinkles on her forehead fading.

Shagufta also talked in her vlog about the stigma surrounding Botox.

“I believe that one should be honest about whatever you do,” pointed out the ‘Mere Damad’ actress. “A lot of people are getting it done; some want to disclose it, some do not. This is their personal choice and I thought this is the fourth time in my entire life that I’m getting this done and this time I wanted that I should share with you.”

We’re incredibly happy that more actresses are encouraging women to stop listening to the stereotypical remarks that as women age, they must stop focusing on their looks and be sent out to pasture. Previously, Shahista Lodhi slammed age-shaming remarks while speaking about being mistaken as her son’s girlfriend. Lodhi reflected on how in Pakistan, women here are shamed if they invest too much attention on their looks as they grow older:

“If you’ve had kids at a young age then is that also my fault? Apparently, that becomes a taunt too here…Why should I lie about it? It feels good that I have maintained myself even at this age.”

On ‘The Talk Talk Show’, the aesthetic physician recalled counselling a woman who was kicked out of her house because of stretch marks, stressing that its not worth saving an abusive marriage if it depends on you getting surgery.

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