Celebrities including Ahsan Khan, Shaneira Akram, Areeba Habib, Ahmed Ali Butt and Anoushey Ashraf have spoken up against the trivialising treatment of animals in Karachi Zoo.

Due to a lack of payment from the Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC), a contractor in charge of providing food to animals at the Karachi Zoo has halted all deliveries to Karachi Zoo.

Shaneira Akram in an Instagram post wrote, “We do not deserve a zoo if ALL animals are not cared for correctly! These animals are our responsibility, they can’t talk, they can’t say I’m hungry and they can’t tell you they are in pain. We have all the space in the world in karachi, and inner city cement jungle is not good enough. If we can not provide food, water and proper enclosures that mimic natural eco habitats then we are failing not only the animals but our people.”



Netizens also asked the city administration to take strict action against the zoo administration, Some even asked to “shut the Karachi zoo immediately.”

In a video posted by a journalist Quatrina Hosain, a lion can be seen in a very poor condition. She tagged the City Administrator Barrister Murtaza Wahab in her post, asking him to take the action against those responsible.