Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday during a pre-budget business conference stressed the need of signing a ‘Charter of Economy’ for economic stability and progress in the country.

“Charter of Economy will remain unchanged. It will become our sacred trust, which will not change,” the prime minister said, adding: “We need this.”

If there will be no political stability, there will be no economic stability

Shehbaz said, “If there will be no political stability, there will be no economic stability.”


“It’s about time the elite class had to make sacrifices and non-productive assets like real estate would have to be taxed. Until now, the hard time has been faced by the poor but today it’s the turn of well-off people to take the burden,” said Shehbaz.

Shehbaz stressed that the enhancement of exports, agricultural yield, and financial management should be the major components of the plan. “The government will form a task force on agriculture and exports for formulating comprehensive plans,” he said.

The premier said that since Pakistan’s inception 75 years back, the economic development in the initial 25 years and the economic development after that have a “stark” difference.

We must go for special export industrial zones

Comparing the country’s Information Technology (IT) industry with that of India’s, the premier said that India generates around $200 billion while Pakistan’s industry is hovering around $2.5 billion. “We must go for special export industrial zones,” he added.

The PM went on to say that the government will make well-structured industrial zones. “To increase the export, the developed zone should be handed over to the investors to work on it. We need to fix ambitious targets.”

Government bans wedding ceremonies after 10pm in Islamabad

The government has banned wedding ceremonies after 10pm in the federal capital.

According to media reports, permission to serve only one dish to wedding guests will be given, and a notification will be issued over this new restriction.

The Islamabad police and administration have been informed to strictly implement the ban. In case of any violation, strict action will be taken.