Shiraz Uppal recently gave an interview to a private TV channel and talked about the controversy with singer Aima Baig regarding the song ‘Funkari’ released this year.

“I resolved the issue because at the stage of my career that I am at now, after creating the music of many famous singers’ famous songs, it should not be tolerated that anyone takes away credit, and people in our industry are very good at denying credit.”

The singer said, “I wanted to set an example for newcomers in the industry because newcomers are not able to raise their voice for their rights. They fear that they will have trouble getting more work in the future.”
He said that he was in a position to speak up for his right, adding, “I replied to Aima Baig so that the new people who are coming in the industry also have the confidence to raise their voice for their right. Aima was arguing with me that the song ‘Funkari’ was written by Shakeel Sohail, who was my close friend.”
Shiraz Uppal said, “I made it clear to Aima that Shakeel Sohail had passed away in June 2020 and that I had written the lyrics for the song ‘Funkari’ in November 2020.”


Stressing that he would never take his friend’s credit, Uppal emphasized, “I wrote this song 6 months after his death. I have all the proofs which I showed to Aima and she admitted her mistake.”

Aima Baig had claimed that she wrote Funkari together with Sohail Shakeel.

At the time, Uppal refuted Aima Baig’s statement, stating, “He had written the song on his own six months after Shakeel Sohail’s passing.”
Following Shiraz Uppal’s clarification, the disagreement persisted but eventually got resolved when Aima Baig acknowledged her mistake.