Muhammad Shiraz, the rising child social media star from Gilgit Baltistan, has become incredibly popular worldwide with his charming village vlogs.

Shiraz has recently announced that he is quitting daily vlogging, after which his father received numerous messages and requests from people asking him to reconsider Shiraz’s decision to quit vlogging. In a recent vlog, Shiraz’s father (Muhammad Taqi) addressed all these questions.


Explaining why Shiraz quit vlogging, his father said, “Shiraz became famous and loved for his vlogs, but he lost his personality, charm, and obedience. I noticed that fame changed his attitude towards his friends, so I decided to keep him away from vlogging.”

He also said, “The second reason he quit vlogging was because of his studies. He was making vlogs, and we even created his Twitter account, but his studies were suffering due to daily vlogging.”
Fans continue to believe Shiraz should keep up his vlogging. Meanwhile some fans believe he need to concentrate on studying as well. Here are the comments: