Priyanka Chopra’s response to a Pakistani woman who accused her of warmongering has caused an uproar worldwide, except in India of course.

Minister for Human Rights Pakistan Shireen Mazari, in a tweet, asked UNICEF to take immediate action and remove Priyanka as their peace ambassador.

Actor/humanitarian Armeena Khan also shared an open letter to UNICEF in which she outlined all the details and asked UNICEF if this is how a Goodwill Peace Ambassador is supposed to behave like.


Senator Sherry Rehman also expressed her contempt on Priyanka’s comments.

Meanwhile, Pakistanis began to compare Priyanka’s comments with those of Mehwish Hayat and asked Priyanka to learn a thing or two from the Pakistani actor. Mehwish, who received the Pride of Performance from the Norwegian Government gave a strong speech in which she highlighted the plight of the Kashmiris and called out Bollywood and Hollywood for misrepresenting Muslims and Pakistanis.

Mehwish in her speech also urged Bollywood to decide whether their nationalism is more important or a peaceful future is.