The Sindh Assembly on Friday unanimously passed the Sindh Students Union Bill 2019 to revive student unions. According to the bill, a student union will be formed in every private and government educational institute.

Students will be able to vote for or participate in the student union, according to the bill. The bill defines the student union as “a body or association of students of any educational institution by whatever name called for promoting the general interests of its members as students for academic, disciplinary, extra-curricular or other matters related to the affairs of the students in the educational institutions”.

As per the bill, students would be able to form a union with seven to 11 student members through elections every year. The union will have representation in the institute’s syndicate, senate, and anti-harassment committee.


The bill states that no student will be allowed to use or keep firearms on campus. The bill states that educational institutes will decide the rules and regulations related to the union two months after the bill is passed.

During General Ziaul Haq’s military government, student unions were banned throughout the country in 1984.