Legendary singer Shazia Manzoor recently she given an interview on Moeen Zubair’s YouTube channel. During the interview, she discussed her abilities in singing, stating, “Singers are born with good vocals, either you are a singer or you are not”. She also talked about Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s fame and success.

Talking about Bado Badi, she said, “People tune in to him for entertainment; his style has resonated with the audience, and it’s almost like a comedic performance. He’s been blessed with a talent that people enjoy, and we’re all having a good time listening to him. It takes courage to pursue singing, and he’s confident in his craft. While I won’t encourage him to continue singing, I wish him success – may he even reach 2 billion views! However, I still believe that a beautiful, melodious song by a skilled singer has the power to uplift your mood and make it fresh.”