In celebration of the upcoming episode of ‘Fairy Tale’ where Umeed and Farjaad will finally get married, drama writer Sarah Majeed asked her followers to share stories of how they became happy and excited brides, just like Umeed. Because obviously, happy brides are the prettiest brides and women should be allowed to celebrate their big day the way they want without worrying about being called ‘besharam’ or ‘khandaan ko bandaam kar rahi hai’.

Social media users rose to the challenge and shared some adorable instances of the times they shattered patriarchal expectations to happily celebrate their wedding days rather than looking like they were attending a funeral.

A user shared how she clapped back at a relative who told her not to sit close to her husband. At her fricking wedding day!!!


“Someone sent my cousin on the stage to tell me not to sit so close to my husband (literally right after the nikkah) and laugh with him because “loug kya sochenge?” so I did the exact opposite, pulled him closer, and smiled widely for the pictures while laughing and talking.”

Another shared how despite being scolded for giggling, the bride continued to laugh and enjoy her wedding day.

“I was a super chirpy bride, like Umeed. Got told off by an aunty to stop giggling so much but luckily my Farjaad was just as happy & giddy. We were two kids & it was our Fairytale. The constant smiling with heavy jewelry did end up giving me a headache but I never stopped lol.”

“I was smiling so widely at my engagement that the next day my jaw hurt.” Yahan humein bohat zor se humari ingleness dard kar rahi hai

We have to add another wholesome happy bride story by actress Nadia Jamil. Responding to a fan’s tweet about her character being similar to Umeed, Jamil said that she had also happily danced at her wedding with her dad the same way Umeed and her father did.

Remember gals, the goal is to be just like Umeed and be a happy, chirpy bride on your wedding day! It’s your special moment so never let any one try to be a Debby downer and destroy it.