For years, television anchor Aftab Iqbal has hosted shows on various channels and platforms. But he has been dogged with publicized issues between him and some of the comedians he has worked with.

Aftab began hosting his first show with Sohail Ahmed, a legendary actor known for his many memorable performances. In his role as Azizi on the show Hasb e Haal, he showcased his skills time and again. Recently, Sohail Ahmed appeared as a guest on Ahmed Ali Butt’s podcast, where he openly discussed the controversies involving Aftab Iqbal and other comedians he collaborated with.

He said, “I think of Aftab Iqbal as a younger brother, and I would like to advise him to be humble.” He went on to say that Aftab needs to understand that one person alone does not run a show. “You need to respect your whole team.”
 Addressing some of the claims Aftab Iqbal has made, he added, “I was a star way before joining Hasb e Haal, but I still respect the team I work with and always put in my 100%.


Therefore, Aftab needs to understand that you cannot be disrespectful and a know-it-all if you want to be respected in return.”