Actor Mohib Mirza has addressed rumours surrounding his second marriage to actor Sanam Saeed, debunking claims he cheated on his first wife Aminah Sheikh, his spouse from 2005 to 2019, and the mother of his child. The secrecy behind his and Sanam’s relationship led to allegations that Mohib had cheated on Aminah, leading to a divorce.

The actor appeared on the FHM podcast where he cleared the air by saying that the two began a relationship after his divorce.

“Who is assuming this?” the actor responded to the accusations. “Do you have my divorce certificate or does Wikipedia say so? My marriage had ended when I pursued Sanam.”


“No one can question this because I have my divorce deed with me, I know what had happened,” the ‘Razia’ actor fired back. Mohib reminded the audience his and Sanam’s relationship was a private affair, and it is their prerogative to reveal it to the public or not.

Opening up about the couple’s wedding, Mohib revealed that it was a private event with only five people present at Sanam’s house.