As the political crisis in the country continues, social media has been set ablaze with feuds between users and public figures. One such recent altercation took place between Iffat Omar and Sara Taseer.

Taseer, who has been a staunch supporter of Imran Khan, had tweeted in favor of the former cricket player by asking him to pack his bags and escape the country to avoid her late father Salmaan Taseer’s fate.

However, actress and former model Iffat Omar, who has publicly condemned Imran Khan on social media, mocked the tweet.


To which Taseer responded by saying

“Someone get this C grade “has been” model @OmarIffat off my case. May the excessive lip filler causing her mouth to look like a giant balloon help her to float off into the sunset, far away from civilised society where she doesn’t belong.”


Iffat Omar retorted:

“Was not taking to u ugly woman just asked your mad leader to listen to pathetic woman like u so chill and lay of, criticizing my lips you have some nerves woman. I mean just look at u.”

Twitter users criticised the response to Omar as the incorrect way to respond to someone whose political beliefs are different from yours.