Bollywood actor Sunny Deol wants peace between Pakistan and India. The action star was speaking at the trailer launch of his upcoming film ‘Gadar 2’ where he called for both India and Pakistan to put aside their differences and not allow what he termed “the political game” to keep creating rifts between the two countries.

“The essence lies in humanity, not in taking or giving. A conflict between the two sides should not prevail. There is love on both sides. It is the political blame game that creates hatred between India and Pakistan, a theme reflected in this film. Both nations comprise of people who seek peace, as we are essentially one and the same.”

On Twitter, reactions from Indian users were mostly negative, who felt that the actor, who was also a member of the hardliner BJP, had spent most of his career making anti-Pakistani movies but now was flipping the narrative.


Yesterday, it was actor Adnan Siddiqui who called for peace between India and Pakistan, while speaking to the Indian Express:

“Art has no boundaries, but artistes have a certain boundary, which shouldn’t be there. There should be healthy cultural exchange. I believe that the kind of tolerance–pardon me for being so blunt–but our tolerance, in comparison to Indian audience is much higher. We accept Indian artistes, Indian cricketers, we accept everything good about India. But when this thing goes across the border, it becomes very political. I don’t know why.”

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