Surrogate advertising companies got ‘virtual’ support during the Perth Test between Australia and Pakistan on Wednesday. Several logos were seen on TV broadcasts that were not present on the ground and were displayed by software.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has distanced itself from the matter by terming it a matter between the host board and the broadcaster.

It is important to note that gambling is legal in Australia. Advertisements of betting companies continue to be posted on the boundary. However, the word “Bet” was spelled with an A in place of the E in the advertisements shown on the ground.


On contacting the stadium resources, it was found that no logo was painted on the ground. After investigation, it was revealed that software was used to make virtual advertising possible.

Advertisements appeared to be completely painted on the ground but in reality, they were not. Shadows of the players were also shown falling on them but this did not happen. Interestingly, when the entire ground was shown on TV, there was no logo.

The spokesperson of PCB said, “Agreements with sponsors in matches outside the country are under the discretion of the host board, and we cannot do anything about it.”

Regarding virtual advertising, he said if this has happened, it is the broadcaster’s problem and not ours.