The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has allotted symbols to political parties as general elections loom nearer. The list of symbols is eccentric, becoming the subject of much hilarity on social media.

A four-member bench led by ECP Sindh Member Nisar Durrani, allotted election symbols to 23 political parties as these parties have fulfilled the criteria.

According to the Election Act 2017, holding intra-party election is a prerequisite to get the election symbol.


ECP has allotted ‘sword’ as election symbol to Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), ‘knife’ to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaniyat, ‘missile’ to Pakistan Peace Movement, ‘pistol’ to the Tehreek-e-Tahaffuz Pakistan, ‘victory’ (sign) to Pakistan People’s Party Workers, ‘fist’ to Pakistan People’s Party Shaheed Bhutto, ‘book’ to the JUIF, ‘ring’ to Rabita Jamiat-e-Islam, ‘cup’ to the People’s Muslim League, ‘bucket’ to Kisan Ittehad, ‘leaf’ to the Pakistan Awami Democratic Alliance, ‘kangaroo’ to All Pakistan United League, ‘moon’ to Hazara Democratic Party, ‘hockey’ to Pakistan Awami League, ‘waistcoat’ to the Movement of Dervishes Pakistan. Likewise, the commission allotted ‘takhti’ to JUI Ideological, ‘helmet’ to Modern Awami Party and ‘telephone’ to Tehreek-e-Azam Pakistan and ‘jug’ to Allah o Akbar Movement.