Tazeen Hussain, the daughter of veteran actor Talat Hussain, has opened up about the family’s struggle with her esteemed father’s dementia.

During an appearance on ‘Gup Shup with FUCHSIA’ she shared that her father is suffering from dementia now and asked for prayers.


She talked about the difficulties her mother had to go through after her father’s diagnosis. Her mother used to be a full-time professor and a highly independent woman, but she is now the celebrated actor’s primary caregiver, with help from the entire family.

She said that, “My father’s doctor advised me to care for my mother too and ask her how she is feeling as well.”

Talking about how our behaviours towards medical conditions have changed, Tazeen said “When I was a kid, I saw older family members with dementia, but back then, people didn’t know what it was called. They were treated normally, and families just adjusted to their condition. Nowadays, people become more clinical when diagnosing this, and we need to return to some of the old ways of dealing with it.”