Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) worker Tayyaba Raja criticised her party for nominating Sanam Javed as a candidate for a seat in the Senate.

Tayyaba Raja wrote on her X (previously Twitter) account that it is unfair to highlight one person’s achievements and ignoring the sacrifices of others.

Tayyaba also asked how an anti-terrorism court granted bail to Sanam Javed, writing that she arrested eight times and received bail on seven occasions.


The PTI leader pointed out that Aliya Hamza and Khadija Shah were granted bail by the Lahore High Court after nine months following the reformation of the bench 15 times.

“How can the ATC repeatedly grant bail to an individual? This is a major question.”

“All of us are silent only till the return of [PTI founding chairman] Imran Khan,” she said.

She urged every woman worker to remain patient and wait for the best time to speak up.