We are quite used to the stereotypical narrative that the best time to find success and wealth, especially love, is in your youth. Most of our dramas keep catering to the misogynist mindset that any woman who is 21 or older is too old to get married or live her life any more.

Very rarely do we see public figures debunk these misconceptions beautifully by teaching us that even in older age, you can keep on living your life and even find your soulmate. And there is no one who is aging with grace and celebrating life like Manzar Sehbai and Samina Ahmed are. The two thespians got married in 2020 when they were both in their seventies, and continue to prove that age is just a number.

Sehbai has moved social media to tears with the gorgeous birthday wish he sent his wife Samina, on his Instagram page and on Twitter, where he called her the most “courageous, loving and most caring of all the women I came across in my life.”


Twitter users were overwhelmed by such a powerful declaration of love.

But this isn’t the only time Sehbai proved there is no one who loves his wife more than him. Countless times on social media he has championed Ahmed’s beauty and powerful career and we’re providing you with a tear-jerking journey of what a healthy relationship looks like.

Warning: keep tissues nearby.

Like this time when Sehbai praised Ahmed for her role as the nani in the critically acclaimed ‘Ms. Marvel’ series.

Or this sentimental moment when at a talk show with Neo News, Sehbai recalled the moment when they were planning to get married but the thought that struck them was “what will other people think?” To which Sehbai responded:

“I said whatever they want to say, they can go to hell. This is about me and you, we’re making this decision. People will keep talking as they will.”

Or basically every moment he has celebrated her life’s achievements like when Ahmed received the Lifetime Achievement Award and he said she “deserves much more than that.”