While it does feel like many celebrities in Hollywood are either pushing false information or ignoring the bombing of Gaza, there are singers and actors who are raising their voice in favour of Palestinian civilians, demanding that a ceasefire be declared.

Roger Waters

The former Pink Floyd singer released a video statement where he spoke about his Palestinian friend Lomi Algeria, who lost 11 members of her family during the Israeli bombing. He called for a ceasefire between both parties. Waters has been a very vocal proponent of the Palestinian cause.


Academy and Emmy award winning actor Riz Ahmed released a lengthy statement on his social media accounts where he called for the world’s attention to the crimes committed by Israel in Gaza.

Veteran Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon has been a staunch supporter for the freedom of Palestine, sharing video clips on her Twitter account calling to attention the dilapidated hospitals of Gaza.

Hollywood actor John Cusack shared an account of his visit to Palestine and the difficulty it took to get through the security and borders, describing the land as an “open air prison”.

He also addressed the argument that Palestinians should call for their freedom in a peaceful manner, sharing how they were shot by Israeli’s

Avengers star Mark Ruffalo, shared a post by the UN calling to attention the limited facilities available for children and women in Gaza.