Video sharing platform, Tiktok has released an official statement on Friday regarding the recent shooting incident in Karachi. The incident involved the shooting of a man, Qamar Raza by three teenagers who were creating videos for the application.

The incident took place on December 23, when teenagers were riding on the motorbike and one of them opened the fire on Raza for the ‘thrill’.

Tiktok spokesperson condemned the incident in the statement, “The safety of our community is our top priority and we do not tolerate any dangerous acts, hate speech, or hateful behaviour. TikTok has zero-tolerance for firearms and we do not allow any content that depicts acts of violence.”


He has given assurance that the application would remain observant to control the violent content and vowed to remove the videos that are against the guidelines of the community. He assured their commitment towards the safety of the users.

Meanwhile, two suspects, Saeed Ahmed and Fazil Ali are currently in remand of the police custody. The other friend named Ismail has been on the run. Raids are been conducted to arrest him.

Recently Tiktok has set up Urdu-language safety centre in Pakistan to ensure that the contents are within the guidelines of the country.

Earlier on July 21, a boy had drowned in the Khanpur Dam while trying to take a selfie. The 20-year old was taking a selfie at the edge of the dam. According to details, a 20-year-old was attempting to take a selfie while standing at the edge of the dam when he suddenly lost his balance and fell into the dam.

The Pakistan government banned Tiktok four times for the violent and vulgar content however it was lifted by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on November 19 after the assurance to control the immoral and violent content from the Tiktok management.