NADRA centres are to introduce various new facilities including renewal of national identity cards at post offices without waiting in queues.

Counters have been set up in 10 General Post Offices (GPOs) in Karachi to provide facilities for national identity cards where devices are connected to the NADRA system.

Post office counters have facilities for renewal of identity cards, change of marital status, while the facility of issuing replacements for lost identity cards will also be available at the counters.


This means that ID cards can be renewed from the post office up to one year after expiry, while home address, signature and photograph can also be changed.

However, biometric facility of blood relation is not available at post offices. Renewal of form is mandatory from a 16th grade officer while FRC and (b) form issuance facilities are not available.

NADRA has agreed to set up counters at the Pakistan Post Office for 10 years.