Pakistani celebrities found themselves in the spotlight in 2023 for various reasons, and unfortunately, not all were positive. Let’s delve into the top three blunders that grabbed public attention:

From social media missteps to controversial statements, these incidents stirred discussions and raised questions about the responsibility that comes with fame.

Nida Yasir faced online mockery after mistakenly stating on Shoaib Akhtar’s show that Pakistan won the 1992 Cricket World Cup in 2006. Netizens swiftly responded with humor, sharing memes and comments about the gaffe. Yasir, known as the ‘queen of memes,’ has previously been trolled for various reasons, maintaining her reputation for unintentional comedic moments on live television. Twitter users seized the opportunity to share their amusement, once again making Yasir the center of online humor.


Sehar Khan faced backlash for inaccurately labeling Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Barfi’ character. Critics highlighted the importance of using respectful language regarding mental health.

Sehar apologized, acknowledging her mistake and emphasizing her respect for those with mental disabilities. The incident underscores the responsibility celebrities bear in shaping public perceptions.

TikTok couple Sehar Hayat and Samir Rasheed faced severe criticism for conducting a poll on social media, asking followers whether they wanted to see a Valima vlog or Sehar in the hospital. After Sehar fell ill, Samir shared a picture of her in the hospital, sparking accusations of a tasteless publicity stunt. The couple deleted the poll amid backlash, with netizens condemning the prioritization of social media over Sehar’s well-being. The controversy drew attention from model Mathira, who called out the perceived fakery. Critics questioned the authenticity of their actions, fueling a social media storm.