It’s that time of year. When lizards scutter across the wall while bolder ones crawl on the floor making us jump and scream when step near them. After a few months of no lizards staring at us from the walls, they’re back. Though nothing really seems to work into getting rid of them, these totkay might be a little effective to keep them away.

Peacock Feathers

This is one of the easiest hacks to make the lizards stay away. The theory behind this is that the lizards see the feathers and think a predator is around. Does it work? Can’t be sure but it sure is reassuring.


Lizards can apparently not tolerate the strong smell of onions. At least that what the Internet says. Trying this one out asap.


Ice Cold Water

Ice cold water makes lizards stiff for some time. So get rid of them by first freezing them first and then getting someone to throw them out of the house.


Garlic has a strong pungent smell that lizards hate and cannot stand. Looks like lizards have a strong sense of smell and hate bad ones.


The eggshells hack have been passed on as a tried and tested hack to make lizards stay away. We’ve tried it and can say that lizards didn’t come back for a few days.

If you have tried any of these totkay and they actually work, do let us know.