Transgender model Anaya Rahimi has hit out at Zartasha Coutoure for not uploading a fashion shoot which featured Trans models.

“Few glimpse of the shoot which me and my fellow trans divas did for the brand @zartashcouture” couture daughter of @hanifjewellers both are transphobic organisations how do I know this is the question well I met the owner and team few people are super cool but the owners aghhh they gave me weird feeling but as i told you all we have to give benefit of doubt in many case,” she wrote while sharing the pictures from the shoot.”

She continued by adding that the fashion brand paid them, “equal to nothing.”


“No contracts nothing it was just like hey we need to shoot the documentary today and shoot will be on this day. We did it leaving everything we were doing we did it because we were so happy that we were given this chance in real it became another disappointment when I came to know that they will not upload this shoot they uploaded the trailer which said coming soon but it never came on their story or any page,” she added.

“I kept asking about the shoot and at one point they stopped replying and then one day i uploaded a story about it suddenly they started calling and texting me asking me to remove the story and all and i did but finally tonight I feel like this work should not be wasted hence here it is.”

Models Eman Suleman and Zaea Peerzada showed their support to Anaya:

Have a look at pictures from the shoot: