South Korea’s cultural influence, its soft power, has captivated audiences worldwide, and Pakistan is no exception. With Korean music, dramas, and beauty trends gaining popularity, it’s no surprise that celebrities like Alizeh Shah are embracing the K-wave.

Alizeh Shah, recognized for her roles in popular dramas like ‘Ehd e Wafa’, has been making waves on social media with her recent Korean-inspired looks. From makeup to fashion, she’s been channeling the beauty standards of K-pop idols, much to the surprise of her fans.


However, not everyone is cheering for Alizeh’s transformation. Some fans expressed concern, feeling that she’s straying too far from her original charm and attempting to emulate idols like Lisa from Black Pink.

Trolls crawled out of the woodwork to tell her she was wrong in trying out a different look, stating that she looked fine without the Korean look.

Really, fans can definitely have an opinion about how their favourite actors look but to troll them for it is uncalled for. The objections, so to speak, ranged from the weird to the ridiculous.

Trolls should maybe pay more attention to why they feel passing such personal comments is the right thing to do.

Here are some people reaction: