The New York magazine published a cover story today titled “The Year of the Nepo Baby” which shed light on the various ways nepo babies had utilized connections to make their name in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

A nepo baby is someone who is born to famous parents, and later these connections benefit them in establishing their own career in Hollywood, or to create a large following on their social media accounts.

The article broke down how different popular actors benefited from their parents connections in cementing their own mark in Hollywood. For instance singer/actor Miley Cyrus is the daughter of famous country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and actor Dakota Johnson the daughter of established actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith.


The article shed light on how children of celebrities are able to get roles in movies of their choice without auditioning since they name drop their parents, which grants them access that many people are unable to achieve.

Twitter users had a lot of hilarious reactions to some hilarious revelations of the article, and we are sharing some hard-to-miss ones with you!