British Foreign Office minister Lord Zac Goldsmith has landed himself in trouble after he tweeted in support of former Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan.

On April 10, Zac Goldsmith — whose elder sister Jemima was once married to Khan — said that he was “sad” at the developments in Pakistan. Zac Goldsmith tweeted: “Imran Khan is a good and decent man, one of the least corruptible politicians on the world stage. I have no doubt he will be returned with a big majority in the upcoming elections.”

British media reported that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office has slapped down Foreign Office minister Lord Goldsmith after he interfered in Pakistani politics over the ousting of Khan as Pakistan’s premier through a vote of no-trust.


Downing Street was questioned if Lord Goldsmith, who is Foreign Office minister for the Pacific and the international environment, was speaking on behalf of the British government. A spokesperson responded: “With regard to Pakistan, we respect Pakistan’s democratic system and we would not get into its domestic political affairs. We have longstanding ties with Pakistan and are monitoring developments.”


Zac and Jemima Goldsmith’s brother Ben Goldsmith also announced support for Imran Khan on Twitter following Khan’s ouster. He said: “My brother-in-law @ImranKhanPTI is a good and honourable man, motivated only by a strong desire to do good for his country.”

His record as PM is exceptional, most of all on the biggest issue of our time: Pakistan under Imran is now a world leader on environmental restoration.”

During Zac Goldsmith’s campaign against London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Imran Khan had supported Zac Goldsmith and urged his followers to support his election bid. Sadiq Khan had expressed his bewilderment over Imran Khan’s support for Zac Goldsmith.