A petrol pump owner from the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh announced that he would give away free petrol to celebrate the birth of his niece.

According to The Indian Express, the pump owner, Deepak Senani’s sister gave birth to a baby girl on October 9 in Madhya Pradesh’s Betul district. After getting the happy news, Senani announced to give away free petrol.  

Talking to the Indian media, the girl’s uncle said: “When the idea came to my mind, I was afraid that people might think it was an advertisement for my petrol pump, but I later shook off the idea and gave customers extra petrol as an expression of happiness.”



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Senani said that he noticed that more customers came between 9-11am and 5-7pm, so “I decided to provide 5-10% extra petrol at that time.”

According to the report, Senani gave 5% extra fuel to those who bought petrol worth Rs100, while 10% extra petrol was given to those who bought petrol of Rs200-500.