The Pakistan Herald Workers’ Union has requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice of “the plight of media workers” at Dawn newspaper. The statement was issued by the Union in their apparent Twitter account, which represents the staff of daily Dawn newspaper.

“We appreciate the sympathy and the concern you have shown for hardworking, honest but poorly paid workforce in the private sector in particular media organisations.”

The union directly appealed to the PM to draw attention towards the plight of media workers in the newspaper.


“First, the Dawn management cut employees’ salaries by up to 35 per cent in February 2019 on the pretext of ‘anticipated losses’,” the statement added.


“Our appeal to the management to reverse the drastic pay-cut have fallen on the deaf ears, despite the company’s handsome profit in the fiscal year 2020-2021.”

“Secondly, a truncated 8th wage board award, in August 2021, was ‘implemented’ in a lopsided manner- after a gap of 19 years. It ironically, further contracted the employees’ salary instead of raising it by 145 per cent, as required under the WBA.”

“We, therefore request the honourable prime minister to make a phone call to Dawn’s management as well and exhort it to reverse the unlawful pay-cut, pay arrears and increase the salaries of the employees. We hope like ARY and Serene Air, Dawn’s management will also listen to your advice and do the needful,” the statement concluded.

The Current has confirmed with Dawn that while they are not sure if the Twitter account is run by the Union, the letter seems genuine.

Following PM Khan’s appeal to the corporate sector to increase the salaries of their staff, President and CEO ARY Digital Network Salman Iqbal last week announced a pay raise for lower-level employees.

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Salman Iqbal said the staff receiving a monthly salary of up to Rs20,000 will be given a raise of 80 per cent. “We have reached this stage with the blessing of Allah Almighty and countless efforts of the team,” he said.