Limo Soda Show creators have announced an Urdu mushaira (a poetry recital) outside Cannoli by Café Soul. The two content creators from Islamabad have asked people to participate in the event in response to a video of Cannoli owners ridiculing their manager for his English speaking skills.

According to details, the event will be held outside the restaurant in Islamabad on Saturday (January 23). 18,900 people have responded to the invitation till the filing of this report, with 1,600 indicating they are going and 9,400 saying they are interested.

The event’s guidelines have been stated as follows:



1.) All Shayrs has 2 b in punjabi or urdu.

2.) Most criative shayar wins Jalahowapenus BURGER

3.) NO gup shup or banter against restoraan ownrse

5.) Siraikiz NOT allowedz

6.) Free entries 4 beeconhoes studantz?!

7.) NO Ahmed Faraz sasti shayri

8.) Studie whole Wren nd Martin English graamer bookz for suprise english quiz

9.) Alcohol, Drugs and JF-17 Thunder Naswar is strcitly prohitbited. (only for sale incide restoraan)”

Though the owners of the café later issued an apology, netizens did not buy it saying the apology sounded ‘arrogant’.

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Meanwhile, responding to the video, Shaniera Akram challenged the ladies to an English competition.

“I’m bored too so I challenge you ladies to an English competition,” said Shaniera.