A district and session court in Islamabad has issued a non-bailable arrest warrant on Tuesday against the victim couple in the Usman Mirza harassment case after they did not appear in the court hearing.

Judge Mohammad Ata Rabbani expressed anger over the absence of the couple in court. On this account, the non-bailable arrest warrant was issued against the couple on the orders of the judge.

However, the lawyer representing them pleaded that both victims are out of the city and it would take three hours to reach the court.


The court has dismissed the hearing till January 19, 2022 (today).

Last year, a video of Usman Mirza harassing a couple went viral on social media which created an outrage across the country. The following day Islamabad police arrested Usman Mirza who is the prime suspect in the case.

Recently at the time of hearing on January 11, the female victim refused to identify any of the accused and said she does not want to pursue the case and a journalist reported that the couple has reportedly taken one crore rupees from Usman Mirza.

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She also told the court that she did not want to appear for subsequent hearings in the case. However, the judge told her that she would have to appear and adjourned the hearing for January 18.