Usman Mukhtar is a talented actor and director, known for his selective project choices that his fans adore. The relationship with his wife Zunaira begun when they were friends, and it’s reflected in their attitude towards each other.

A fan asked Usman Mukhtar, “Will your wife ever act alongside you in a role,” to which he responded playfully that she would consider it only if the role required her to play a character who teases or trolls him. This showcased the actor’s sense of humor and added a playful element to discussions about potential on-screen collaborations with his spouse.

The couple continues to charm fans with their adorable social media banter. In another instance, during Usman’s work stint in Karachi, Zunaira playfully trolled him on Instagram after he posted a photo captioned, “When you’re sleeping and suddenly smell Biryani.” Their witty exchange leaves netizens amused.