Guinness World Records has declared a Turkish woman as the tallest female alive in the world, Khaleej Times reported.

The 24-year-old woman, Rumeysa Gelgi, has been named as the tallest woman with the height of 7ft 0.7in (215.16cm).

Guinness World Records awarded the title to Gelgi, who got her first recognition in 2014 when she was named the tallest teenager at the age of 17.


Her tall physique was brought about by Weaver syndrome, an extremely rare condition, which causes faster growth, among other abnormalities including skeletal maturation.

Aged 24, Gelgi has been re-measured and confirmed as the GWR title holder for the tallest woman alive.

She said she felt “proud” and “unique”. Gelgi is mostly wheelchair-bound but can walk using a walker.