Dalsey Hillblom Lynn, DHL Boeing cargo plane, broke into pieces after an emergency landing in Costa Rica on April 7. During landing, it skidded off the runaway at Juan Santamaria International airport.

According to a statement released by DHL, soon after taking off, the crew reported the failure of the hydraulic system in the aircraft due to which the plane immediately made an emergency landing. It was reported that both pilots have escaped severe injuries. The company has initiated an investigation to find out the real cause of the incident.

DHL added in the statement, “We are pleased to report that the crew was physically unharmed in the incident,” it continued, “One crew member underwent medical checks as a precaution.”


As per data from the website FlightRadar24, the cargo plane took off from Juan Santamaria Airport and headed north initially before deviating from an original course after 10 minutes.

The air jet was swung towards the south for about 20 minutes before entering a holding pattern. The pilots probably performed action was to dump excess fuel that could have catch fire in the crash landing. The air jet landed in the direction of North-East before the crash landing at the airport.