Indian political party, the Indian National Congress workers fried a “Twitter Bird” to protest against the blocking of Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s account was suspended by Twitter earlier last week for allegedly posting a picture of the parents of a nine-year-old Dalit girl who was ‘raped and murdered’ in Delhi.

The micro-blogging website had also blocked several accounts of other Congress leaders for sharing the photograph.


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Rahul Gandhi’s account along with other accounts was restored on Saturday (14 August).

“You Twitter, you’ve done a mistake by blocking Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account, not promoting our tweets. So, we are frying this [Twitter Bird] and sending it to the headquarters in Gurgaon and Delhi,” said a Congress worker.

“Twitter, I hope you’ll enjoy your dish,” he added.

Earlier in June, Congress workers had thrown a bike into a lake to protest against the rising fuel prices.