Two pet dogs attacked and injured a resident of Defence Housing Authority (DHA) in Karachi on Monday. 

The video circulating on social media shows the two dogs rushed towards the resident when he was walking in the street. The pet sitter at first tried to pull off the dogs from the man but upon seeing the dogs out of control , he ran away from the scene leaving the victim to defend for himself.

Another man, who appears to be the caretaker of the dogs tried hard to separate the animals from Ali but was unsuccessful. 



As per reports, the victim, Mirza Akhtar Ali is a lawyer by profession later registered a complaint with Darakshan police station.

The two caretakers of the dogs, identified as Fahad and Ali, left the advocate injured on the road. The victim said a passer-by took him to a hospital.

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Police registered a case against the dogs’ owner, Humayun Khan and nominated the two caretakers in the case as well. 

Police claimed that Fahad and Ali were arrested and presented in court. The owner of the dogs was granted bail in the case.