Indian sports journalist Vikrant Gupta asked Wasim Akram on X (formerly Twitter) whether it is fair to blame only Pakistan captain Babar Azam when the team’s fast bowlers are taking only three wickets with the new ball in nine matches.

He also asked what was more disappointing, Babar’s batting or his captaincy in the World Cup, and how the two things interlink with each other.

Waseem Akram answered the question on ‘A Sports’, saying, “Some mistakes may have been made by Babar Azam as a captain in Asia Cup and World Cup, but the captain alone should not play cricket, it is the fault of the whole system, you can’t just make the captain a scapegoat. The boys don’t know who is the coach, who is coming and who is going, it is not only the captain’s fault but everyone’s fault.”


In response to the second question, Wasim Akram replied, “When Babar Azam scores a big score, we are happy along with the entire public. There is no doubt that his captaincy has affected his batting, he has seen pressure during the Asia Cup and the World Cup.”

He said, “When you are captaining, obviously there will be pressure, but when you are batting then you should focus only on scoring runs, it is easy to say but difficult to do”.