The ‘Friendship ended with Mudasir’ meme, which went viral in 2015, has now been auctioned off as a Non-Fungible Token for $51,530 (roughly Rs8,491,427.73). The sale was concluded on the online platform Foundation, which facilitates live auctions for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

It was bought by Andrew King, co-founder of Mechanism Capital, BBC has reported. Asif, while speaking to BBC, said that the sale was ‘unexpected’ for him.

In 2015, a Gujranwala-based man named Asif Raza Rana created a manipulated artwork that became the Pakistani friendship breakup meme. Rana had broken up with Mudasir Ismail Ahmad. He also revealed that he had met a new closest friend in Salman Ahmad Naqash. The meme was widely shared by social media users.