The disappointed Pakistani cricket fan Sarim Akhtar, who got famous after a video clip of him went viral in 2019, has been featured in Hong Kong’s Museum of Memes.

His ‘disappointed face’ after Asif Ali dropped David Warner’s catch in Pakistan vs Australia became a meme, and it was widely shared by social media users.

Sarim took to Twitter to share the video clip of a video featuring him in the museum. He tweeted, “My sister found the video of the Hongkong K11 Museum of Memes on YouTube.”



The meme museum consists of seven themed zones, each showcasing famed memes from different periods in various forms such as imagery, 3D figures and even scent, allowing visitors to review some of the most humorous memes.

Moreover, the famous Pakistani meme that went viral in 2015 “friendship ended with” has been put online for auction by a Lahore and London-based startup, Alter, as an NFT artwork.