It has been revealed in a report that the powerful and rich class in prison are bribing guards for special perks and facilities.

A team led by Director-General (DG) Human Rights visited the jails and submitted its report to the Islamabad High Court (IHC).

The report said that prison officials acknowledge that they are under intense political pressure. It has also been revealed that influential prisoners from Jhelum and Mianwali are being kept in Adiala Jail due to pressure from the Home Department. The report also revealed that inmates of Bhakkar Jail had provided evidence of money transfer to jail authorities.


According to the report, the brother of one of the prisoners gave evidence of giving one lakh 40,000 to a jail guard.


The report further suggests that prison officials are not aware of basic human rights. The prison meeting registers also indicate discrimination against inmates for meeting times and frequencies.

The report also states that when senior police and prison officials are shown around the premises, not all that is shown and told is true. The report recommends training in human rights for prison officials.