Waqar Zaka has claimed that he can pay off Pakistan’s debt using crypto currency if given the chance to “run the country”.

“I can pay off Pakistan’s debt using crypto[currency] but the condition is Imran Khan, should step down and let me run the country,” wrote the reality show host on social media.

Zaka also asked supporters of the ruling party what they have to pay off the debt.


“If not, then Pakistanis should demand what solution respectable, olive plantation, tourism, anti-corruption lovers IK has?” asked Zaka, challenging “all politicians” to present a better idea.

Meanwhile, Twitter had a field day over Zaka’s Tweet.

Waqar Zaka got famous from the reality tv show, Living on the edge. Earlier this year he submitted his documents to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to launch his own political party. Zaka has been at the forefront of many trending causes including demanding cancellation of exams and ban on PUBG and TikTok.