The show ‘DigiTales’ invited everyone’s favourite actor Marina Khan on to the show. Among other things, the power house actress discussed her and husband Jalil Akhtar’s choice not to have children. Marina talked about her marriage to Jalil, a well-known producer, and the shared decisions that have kept their relationship strong.

During the interview, the star, who affectionately calls her husband “Kuchu,” revealed that their decision not to have children wasn’t planned but happened naturally over time. “So Kuchu and I never said that we were never going to have kids,” she said. Talking about their early experiences with their nephews and nieces, she added, “When his brothers had kids, we loved them, played with them, and then we’d just hand them back and come home and say, ‘Nah, that’s too much.'”

Marina talked about how their growing careers in television influenced their decision. “I think our journey in television also started at that time, so it was tough to raise a child. I was never in favour of having a child. I always thought, if anything, I’d adopt a child,” she explained.


Marina and Jalil often worked together on many projects. “When we started in television, we just never looked back. That allowed us to work together. Even now, if I had a choice, I’d continue working with him,” she shared, highlighting their strong partnership. “He has a more logical brain; I’m a little scattered. But now we don’t do dramas anymore. I think the last thing we, as a company, did together was the remake of ‘Tanhaiyaan.’ He was the producer; I was directing it.”

Marina said that not having children has given them special freedom and strengthened their bond. “I feel very comfortable being with him, and that has enabled us to go wherever we want to together because we don’t have a child to tend to,” she said.