Celebrity couple Hira Khan and Arsalan Khan were guests on a recent episode of Express Entertainment’s ‘The Talk Talk Show’ with Hassan Choudary. During the conversation, Hira Khan opened up about the couple’s decision to get married early, even though the two had just began their careers, and didn’t wait to settle down before tying the knot.

“If you’re planning to do something as blissful as Nikkah, then there is no way it will prevent rizq from coming in your way. It’s not true that you will face hurdles in your work life,” Hira said.

“A lot of people told us ‘brands won’t pick you.’ ‘Your image would change because you would be a married couple, you would be out of that millennial category'”, recalled the ‘Guru’ actress. “But that never bothered us. We were doing this with the intention that we don’t want a haram relationship, even engagement for a long time. We just want to be religiously right, nothing bad will happen if your intentions are pure.”


Actor Arsalan Khan said it’s better that couples settle down early rather than later in life “If you’re going to get married later in life, then isn’t it better that you do it now? If you’re thinking no, I’ll do it later in life, that means your intentions are not right. Because you’re thinking if you find someone new you’ll ditch the woman and marry them.”

“I only wanted to create a stable life,” the ‘College Gate’ actor said. “I wanted to focus on my career, and I need to have someone back home whom I could talk with without worrying about whether this relationship is good, is it breaking?”

“We think we married quite late,” joked Hira. “We should have married even earlier.”

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